Why A Blog?

Kenny started passively blogging in 2011 after watching a presentation by Scott Hanselman that stated every software developer should have a blog. Eventually that blogging habit faded.

Fast forward to 2018, Kenny attended a gardening workshop that mentioned that every gardener should have a journal.

As a IT professional, a blog allows you to save code snippets and copy and paste them in your future projects. In addition, it assists other developers with their coding projects, as it may be exactly what they are looking for.

As a gardener, a blog allows you to track trends and historical information about what you have done in your garden in previous seasons and years.

Online Training

Kenny has many tutorials on YouTube that cover programming, home improvement, home automation, and more! New videos are added all the time, so please be sure to subscribe to the channel.


Gardening started as a hobby for Kenny. After a couple of seasons of success and being able to literately taste the fruits of his labor, Kenny decided to expand his green thumb skill set.

Information about the garden is based on conditions of USDA growing Zone 8a, located in the southeastern United States. That being said, the recommendations and suggestions that are made on this blog are for this growing zone and are not guaranteed to work in other growing zones.